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Originally Posted by socal s&w View Post
The flat spot is before sizing, as it came out of the gun, so the die would have zero to do with the issue.

The longest cases are about 1.145", which is well below the recommended max length. I have trimmed 100 rounds to 1.1415", (I could find nothing stating to what length to trim). Max length is 1.155 in the Lyman book so my trim is well below that now. I didn't want to trim too much and have pressure problems due to deeper bullet seating. All of the trimming is before any sizing, only cleaning has been performed.

Does the trim length seem okay?

I did note that some of the cases were below 1.40" and some had a smaller diameter base than the average so I kicked those out. I am using the WW brass cases that were originally loaded for the 52, they have a single cannalure ring on them.

Your lenght seems fine. When I buy brass for my 52 I trim all that I purchase at the same time and mine run from 1.143 to 1.145.

You said that you loaded some 148 gr HBWC's over 3.0 gr of BE but chickened out shooting them in your 52 because of the stories of blowm skirts lodging in the barrel. You did however say that you fired them in a revolver. Did you have any blown skirts? I'm guessing no. Don't be afraid to bump up the charges of BE to a max of 3 grains under a 148 gr HBWC one grain at a time to see if your ejection problems stop. Many guys I shoot bullseye matches with use the 3 grain charge with the HBWC and have had zero problems with it in their 52's. After talking with some of them they said that their guns would not function with a lesser charge than 3 grains of BE. My own 52 works fine with the 2.7 gr charge but yours may need a bit more.

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