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Originally Posted by Texas Star View Post
The M-60-7 is, in my opinion, the highest evolution of the S & W.38 snub. It has improved heat treatment and the wider front sight, and is warranted for use with Plus P ammo.(That began with the full-lug M-60-4.)

It DOES NOT have the later MIM parts and the hated lock. I think S&W should have ended "development" of the gun with the M-60-7.

The apparent electric pencil marking of serial numbers looks crude, and offends me. But they did that, for some reason. Probably cheaper. Pinned barrels were phased out in the early 1980's.

I totally agree with your comment about the "electic pencil" thing. But, I had never seen one marked that way before and was concerned that the gun had been tampered with by someone.

Anyone have any thoughts on the strange serial number prefix (BRU 82xx)?
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