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Default Grips standard for each revolver - one resource

This is an excellent post and exactly the info I was searching for.

Now one other question if I may: Is there a resource that states what type of grips are standard for each revolver? I'm not finding this in SCSW and I'm wondering if someone has devoted work to this end?


One resource that gives some information is the Domestic Dealer Suggested Price List, but information on stocks is limited and not at all consistent. For example, the Price List that is dated November 1, 1980, uses the symbol TS, Target Stocks, for certain product codes for the models 14, 17, 25-2, 25-5, 27, 28, 29, 57, 66, and 629. In these listings, the models 14 and 17 each show four product codes as follows: 6" SB-AS; 6" SB-AS-TH-TT-TS; 8 3/8" SB-AS; 8 3/8" SB-AS-TH-TT-TS. The fourteen model 19 revolvers with 4" and 6" barrels, on the other hand, give no information about Target Stocks.

Checking the price lists for March 15, 1982, and December 15, 1982, the model 19 revolvers with 4" and 6" barrels are identified as having the TS symbol. This symbol for certain model 19's is continued in the price lists for January 1, 1984, August 15, 1984, and December 30, 1985.

On these price lists, the models 586 and 686 show up with TS on the March 15, 1982 list. There are probably other sources that show this information, but these are all that I have.
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