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Hi JayCeeNC

Well the dogs had her treed on the side of a cliff. I was above and my guide was down below watching. When I got to the dogs they were swarming all over the top edge. I crawled out amongst the dogs and when I looked over the edge she and I were eye ball to eyeball about 4 feet apart. I jerked my six shooter out of the holster and as soon as the front sight touched her chest I fired. Unfortunately and/or fortunately at this extremely short distance I shot a little high and caught her just under the left eye. She was immediately dead and went flying off the cliff.

45 Colt with 255 grain Keith SWC over 22 grains IMR-4227.

Nope, no backup with any gun around. It was a great old west hunt out in Arizona riding mules through the mountains following the dogs.
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