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Default Spent the last two days testing Roper vs. Jordan Trooper stocks (Report)

First of all, my hand feels like it is going to fall off, but it feels good

I took a leap of faith and ordered a number of sets of Herrett stocks, Ropers and Jordan Troopers for both K/L and N frames. I tested them out on a bunch of revolvers and have finally figured out what works best for me. I know everyone feels different, but I figured I'd share what I learned and see if anyone else had the same experiences.

1) Ropers work best on K frames. They are 100% better than magnas and feel like a set of S&W Target Stocks that actually fit your hands. Now this is the key--Jordan Troopers work better than Ropers to soak up the recoil of 38+P and 357 rounds, but for me, they destroy the balance of the K Frame. The K Frame is a relatively light revolver, and guns like the Model 19 are famed for their near-perfect balance. With a 4” barrel, they point very naturally and do not “tip forward” (or backward). But put a hulking set of Jordan Troopers on it and you have a fistfull of wood on one end of an otherwise perfectly-balanced revolver. The enclosed backstrap pushes your hand way back and upsets the whole balance of everything. It just doesn’t work for me. To be honest, shooting 357s is somewhat uncomfortable for me out of a K Frame even with the Troopers, and I am not sure if there exists a set of grips that would make magnums really comfortable out of a K Frame for me. So that is the verdict—Herrett Ropers provide best feel and balance on K frames for me.

2) Jordan Troopers work best on L frames. At least, the 4” 686 I tested. You would want a different set for concealed carry of course. The L frame is a lot closer to the N frame than the K in my opinion, and mainly retains the K grip. First, I shot a couple boxes of Remington 125GR 357s with the factory wood target stocks and the Hogue monogrip rubber grips that come on the new 686s. Ouch! Most of all, beats the heck out of your thumb and your fingers under the trigger guard. Doesn’t feel great where your palm meets the backstrap either. Then, put on a set of Jordan Troopers—wow. The enclosed backstrap soaks up the recoil of the 357 and the heavier L frame does the rest. I as amazed at how much control you get, especially in double action. Since the L frame is a bigger framed, heavier gun, with more weight to the front, the larger Trooper grips don’t seemed mismatched on the gun, and don’t seem to “dwarf” it like they did on the K Frames. They are really a perfect fit. Needless to say, they are staying on the 686.

3) Jordan Troopers work best on N frames. I tested a wide variety of N Frames, including a 4” 28, a 5” 27, a 4” 29, and a 4” 629 Mountain Gun. In all of these guns, wearing their factory grips, magnas, magnas, targets, and rubber hogues, respectively, shooting 357s and 44 magnums hurt! Put the Troopers on, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. The 44 magnum revolvers actually became fun to shoot instead of painful as they often were before. The N frames are big enough that the big trooper stocks don’t look out of place at all, and they don’t negatively affect the gun in terms of balance. On the contrary, on a heavy N frame, they give you plenty of “meat” to grab onto. I’m going to get a set for all of my N frames now.

So I guess it’s Ropers for K frames and Troopers for L/N frames, at least for me.
Aaron Terry
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