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Default Anyone else like BIG guns?

Now I'm not talking about all-out elephant guns but I tend to that "larger side" of guns for day-to-day hunting/woods gun use (please no .50 Desert Eagles for CCW)

I'm starting to realize I'm that way,my first real hunting only use rifle was a Ruger #1 in .338 mag,my reasoning was if I hunt I don't want to worry about "a gun for bears,a gun for deers,a gun for mountain sheep" Etc. I want one that can do most all of it.
The .338 was nice but being blue didn't help matters as I'm a bit hard on my kit,so the gun went away and I nabbed a Marlin 1895 45/70.
It was ok but most off the shelf rounds for this gun are rather low level and I was having a time with the loading gate (the one thing about levers I dislike,sorry I cut my teeth on a Mauser) so I started reading up on LARGER bolt-action rounds over the .338,something that had power to spare with factory ammo and was easy enough to get out of most gunshops.

My local shop had a .375 H&H that no one would touch so I wound trading for it and I'm infamously happy with it-after I lopped the break off,and wound up with an 18 1/2 carbine.

Now I have the .460 ES and just LOVE the thing,and it occurs to me I have a liking for short,overpowered,almost-cannons

So,any one else? any other S&W forum guys have a taste for the big stuff for everyday hunting/woods use? or am I the only one?

Mind I still grab a .223 to shoot a possum,but if I go off in the woods it's likely I'll have the new .460 under my shirt
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