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I went through a phase some years back where I used big guns for elk and occasionally for mule deer - had a couple of 375 H&H's, a couple of .338's and a .458 Win. They all worked well enough though the premium bullets tended to pencil on through deer. I had to shoot one smallish mulie three times with a .338 to finally get it on the ground. The bullets were just too hard. They worked fine on elk, though, and the .375 in particular was a real honey.

I finally went back to the 30-06-size cartridges. Guess I got tired of getting kicked around by the big guys and the smaller ones work just about as well. I have to admit, though, it was a lot of fun to play with the big stuff. I only have one really big rifle now - a 50 BMG bolt rifle, but at 29 pounds its a bit heavy to pack around the game fields!
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