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J. Rigby .500 x 3" BPE SxS Hammer Double Rifle. Jones underlever action.
Fun to plink with. Need to load a few more, They seem to all get shot when ever the gun goes to the range. Oak & leather case too.

J Tolley 470NE double rifle. This one needs a new stock and a restoration so it hasn't been shot yet. Don't know where it's been, but it wasn't cared for very well!
Waiting a turn on the bench,,,a project gun like so many others.
Came with 7 or 8 boxes of Kynoch ammo, both solids and soft nose. I'm all set for what ever sets foot in the yard.

Sauer 9.3x74R SxS double rifle. Fun to shoot. Has an early German scope on it in claw mounts. I'm not fond of scopes so the glass doesn't see much(any!) use. Been shooting old DWM ammo in it. Have dies, brass, etc to load,,just haven't found the time. This one needs a new pad to replace the old fossilized one on it. A thin leather covered pad seems about right. Maybe this winter..
I have the locks out of it and apart right now for a quick maint. Not much shooting done with the heavy kickers in the cold temps for me. At just under 7#,,it does turn you around a bit.

Steyr New Model (Model 1902) bolt rifle in 9.3x62. Light rifle, heavy kicker. Not really a big bore though.

A couple of others but they're project guns also.
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