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Originally Posted by Krull View Post
That's because the cheapest you can get is $2,000+ and that is for a used one (think,haven't looked for awhile) I know a few years back new ones were $5,000+ for a new one....and when I was a kid I vaguely remember some I looked at in old gun books were $50,000~$60,000 yes,that's right fifty to sixty thousand!!!!

Never mind that the last I checked the shells were going for $200+ for a box of twenty of the Nitro Express calibers.
There are those of who'd rather put such sums into vehicles,property and the like.
Krull, I've never seen a double DGR for anything less than around $8,000...this for a used one. Butch Searcy will sell you a new one for around $12,000 and up depending on embellishments you would like, B. Searcy & Company. Searcy rifles are some of the best values out there IMO.

The $200.00 a box is for 10 rounds in the ol' nitros and many other DG rounds. Boxes of 20 are generally for commericial cartridges. According to A Square you can purchase 10 600 NE cartridges for roughly $200, A-Square Ammunition Price List

Originally Posted by Badkarma 1
My only Big Gun at the moment is a Marlin Guide Gun in .45/70, but I gotta tell ya that I always had a thing for those old double rifles! Wonder if you can still get a H&H in .500 Nitro Express?
You can indeed purchase a new H&H in cartridges up to 700 Nitro Express, this includes all of the ol' British classic DG cartridges but hang on to your pocketbook!! Holland & Holland.

Beware the man with one gun...

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