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Hard to take the .25 as “serious”, but it does beat having no gun at all.

I have my Grandfather’s pre-war Colt .25. Many, many moons ago I used to follow the lead of one of the senior deputies out here and would place that little .25 in my palm under my citation book when I did traffic stops (few guns were smaller back then); of course I also had either a .357 mag or a .41 mag on my hip at the same time. The thought was that if needed, the .25 would keep the BG entertained while I was backing up and grabbing for the real artillery on my hip; never had to use it.

I now also have a L. W. Seecamp in .32. Its only a little better than the .25, but even a little better is better, and I sometimes use it for extreme concealed and I might use it as a backup. The .25 Colt stays pretty much just in the safe.

Oh, I used to have a homicide scene photo of a rather heavy woman killed with a .25. She took a single round through her thick left bicep; it passed through into her chest cavity and came to a rest at her heart (just touching). The report said that she “dropped like a sack of potatoes” – ‘course, I figured it just “scared her to death”, so I wouldn’t rely on this one incident as representative.

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