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I carry a .32 ACP CZ-83, loaded with FMJ. 15+1 is a pretty good capacity and .32's aren't bad penetrators. I'm not a ballistic expert, but shooting them into pieces of wood at close range shows they have some up-close punch. I don't use HP's in my .32 for CC, I want those bullets to punch as deep as possible since there's not a whole lot of bullet mass or energy to begin with.

.25 is a close range shoot and scoot round, not something you get into run and gun battles with. If you have to use it, better off filling the BG's face with a few of those little pills. We all know .22 LR has more energy than .25 but isn't as reliable.

I almost bought a little Bernardelli copy of the Baby Browning, but it was so small I wouldn't know whether to conceal it or use it as a keychain

I know Taurus sells a ton of those little .25 Auto PT25's, people suck 'em up like crazy because they're cheap and easy to conceal. As long as Taurus and other companies keep making cheap little potmetal .25's this round will never die off.

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