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I'll second the recomendation for an Aimtech. Purchased a used 617 that came with a Laseraim Red Dot mounted on the Aimtech mount and it was a "serviceable" mount that uses 2 sideplate screws and clamped on the top strap as well.

However, there were some defects with this mount. One primary defect is that the front sideplate screw only had 1 1/2 threads engaged in the tapped hole in the frame. When I found that I was surprized that the previous owner hadn't stripped the threads in the frame. Fixed that by purchasing an M4 metric socket head screw and fitting it to the yoke for proper retention. Second issue is that the grip had to be cut to clear the sideplate mount and it wasn't "pretty", actually it was a bit cumbersome. Third issue is that it did leave a mark on the sideplate that took a fair bit of work to remove. Quite simply, it's functional but not ideal and you should make sure that the yoke retention screw has a safe level of thread engagement, 1 1/2 turns just isn't enough.

Pluses for the Aimtech is that it is tunneled out so that it allows the use of the factory sights in co-witness but it's a bit like shooting using a straw as a sight.

One additional warning concerns the vintage of your model 64 as it related to the size of the sideplate screws. My 617 is late enough that it used the latest style of yoke retention screw and it's a standard metric M4 thread. On an earlier vintage S&W the screws are a smaller size and that may cause some issues. I would suggest taking the time to call Aimtech in order to make sure you receive a sight supplied with the correct screws for your vintage of model 64.
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