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As I posted earlier, tired of waiting for the 2" S&W .327 mag., I decided to sell my 327 ammo & reloading gear at a significant loss to a friend. Thankfully, he suggested I consider applying the loss I would incur on a Taurus, before we completed the deal.

I purchased a Taurus 2" SS Concealed Hammer .327 mag. from Cheaper Than Dirt for $296 (less than what I would have lost selling my reloading gear) .

I plan to only shoot reloads. I have already shot some .327's & .32 HR's at near max loads without problems. I am enjoying shooting this gun and I really like reloading four calibers for the same gun.

I still prefer the S&W, but I will take a Taurus in hand that I can actually shoot, any day, over a 15 month delayed "getting it right" S&W that may or may not be released in the future.

Taurus has discontinued the .327 mag. & Cheaper Than Dirt has sold out of the version I purchased, with no back orders.
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