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Originally Posted by pwhphd View Post
I bought an early BK for a J-frame and have used it on three different snubbies. I have shot numerous rounds with it and it shows no signs of wear or weakening. The fit and finish was as good as the Tyler T-Grip. I think you will find that they are not the same plastic used in the old Pachmayr or Smith & Wesson adaptors. The material is more like the polymer that is used in modern handguns. I'm no chemist, but after using the BK grip, I favor them.
For the chemists out there, the specification given for the 2-part urethane I use for these adapters is a Durometer (hardness) of 72 on the D scale, and a tensile strength of 3,200 psi. I'm NOT a chemist, but I've seen 72D described as "bowling ball hard".

Once cured these things are truly hard - if I wait more than about 20 minutes after they come out of the mold to try to carve off the sprue and parting line flash, they're almost too hard to cut with a knife, and I switch to a spiral mill in a Foredom tool to grind away what needs to go.
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