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Back in 2003 I was on a western motorcycle ride and stopped at the Speer factory for a visit with long time friend Alan Jones who was then the editor of the Speer Reloading Manual. He was working on #13 which was his last before he retired.

Alan gave me a tour of the factory and when the discussion came to .41 bullets I told him how much I liked the 200 grain 3/4 jacket HP and I knew a lot of shooters would would love to have the same bullet in .45. As was stated above, Alan told me that the machine was on borrowed time as it was the only machine that ever made this line of bullets, the .357/146&160, .41/200&220 and the .44/225/240. He said once it broke down for good the line would be gone....and so it was just a few years later.

The reason these bullets don't expand very much is because of the hard alloy used in the core and the thick cup used as the jacket. These are basically jacketed Keith bullets that cut holes like a wadcutter in paper targets just like Keiths do. The nose, either the soft point or the hollow point "melts" off and what is left looks like a little ashcan that really penetrates.

This is a 200 .41 that was running about 1350 fps. It went through 6 gallon jugs of water, one 3/4" piece of marine plywood and stuck into the face of the second board. In comparison a 210 Gold Dot HP only made the second/third jug of water....

There were run at 950-1250-1400 fps

Found two boxes of 146s and four boxes of 160s in my bullet stash last week. Loaded them up with 11.0 grains of SR4756, they crack...and very accurate. Only have one box of .44/225s left but still have 11 boxes of the .41/220s... Those are getting run through a Freedom Arms 97...

Last year I contacted Corbin about having dies made up to duplicate the bullet and was told no problem...just send us a few bullets to make the die...

In the #13 or#14 Manual there is a picture of a big mountain lion taken with one of .41/200s...

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