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Exclamation READ this > RULES on HOW to use the 2A Forum

READ these guidelines before starting a thread or participating in a thread in this 2A Forum. Consider them to be RULES for starting a thread or participating here.

If a thread does not fit these guidelines, DO NOT reply to it. If you do, YOU are part of the problem.
Stay ON TOPIC in each thread. That means stick to the original purpose of the thread.

This forum is about ACTION that can and should be taken to protect or advance the cause of freedom.

Ideally, we should see nothing here that does not pertain directly to
threats to or expansion of 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.
That means this forum is about PENDING LEGISLATION and responses from legislators or the actions of legislators or about PENDING CHANGES in carry permit laws and issues.
Court Cases directly related to the 2nd Amendment can be discussed.

/\ Read that AGAIN /\
Ask yourself if your thread fits one of those topics!
We are having to move or delete too many threads.

post a bare link and say "You gotta see this!".
Tell me WHY I gotta see this with a paragraph or two.

That is the start of a discussion.
Posting a bare link is merely creating an internet index.
Any link posted should pertain directly to threats to or protection of or expansion of 2nd Amendment RIGHTS.
If your link gets deleted, you either failed to describe its value, or it does not meet our standards.

This is NOT:
This is not where you post general political discussion and comments on OTHER issues not related to the 2A. Other issues are the economy, Obamacare, general Lib bashing, tinfoil and black choppers, how to start a revolution, etc, etc.
Keep it focused on the 2A issues.

This is not where you discuss what the 2nd Amendment means to you or a free people in general. We already know that. We understand the philosophy.

This is not where you bash the states/locations that suffer under restrictive gun laws.

This is not where we chat about which states have good gun laws.

This is not where you post your "What If's".

This is not where you swear your "Cold Dead Fingers" oath. Print it out and pin it to your door.

This is not for the latest news about some scumbag shooting someone or getting arrested with a gun.

This is not where you post your latest AR or AK.

This is not for discussing gun and ammo prices or availability.

This is not where you post which movie stars or talking heads are currently bashing the 2nd Amendment.

This is not where you moan about liberalism or the changes in our culture.

This is not for the latest news on a gunowner using a gun lawfully for self dense, unless it is simply an OUTSTANDING situation that we can use in the halls of Congress.

This is not where you will fix everything wrong with our society.

What we SHOULD do here:
ALERT people to upcoming restrictive legislation at ANY level of government, and discuss and promote methods to fight it.

people to upcoming legislation (if any) that is supportive of gun rights, ownership, and usage or carry.

people on methods of being proactive in the fight, including encouragement to contact their legislators and/or congressmen.

We will always have plenty to talk about that is spot-on for this forum. Let's keep the clutter down, and stay focused on the object.

I'll also remind you to heed the rules for this board.
You can find them at the top of this forum.
Especially note these two-

5. Do NOT even think about implying, wishing, or stating ANY kind of harm or misfortune should befall ANY elected government official.
If you want to talk to the Secret Service, just call them up and leave me out of the middle.

6. Derogatory, Flippant, or Crude names for any government official will NOT be tolerated.
Respect the OFFICE, if not the holder.
That means the President of the United States will be referred to as the President, or by the accepted usage of his last name or initials- 'Obama' or 'BHO' or 'Trump'. Other government officials will be afforded the same courtesy.
Lee Jarrett

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