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Originally Posted by Bello View Post
I've never succumbed to BB hype always been a Speer GDHP fan.
Like it or not Buffalo Bore's claims are not hype, it actually performs as advertised and in some cases exceeds the manufacturers claims. Our very own Bmcgilvray did some extensive chronograph work on various .38 SPL ammunition and posted it here a while back. The Buffalo Bore lived up to the claims. Don't believe that the Speer GDHP is some kind of wonder bullet that is going to expand no matter what either. I've seen where it failed to perform as advertised too. I couldn't find the post that Bmcgilvray posted here, but here is a link of very same that he posted elsewhere.

I picked up a box of the new Remington HTP 158gr LSWCHP (+P) load a few days ago. Outwardly it looks like the new loading is using a bullet with a slightly curved nose, where as the older stuff looks like the nose is more squared off. Who knows however, it may be just this particular box and another may look just like the old stuff.

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