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Default My new 36-6 Chief's Special Target Gun

So I post these really expensive guns regularly and of course there are congrats and loving hate with joking levels of envy all in good fun. I get worried it is showing off but I think it is good to share and I believe youz guys appreciate seeing these examples and the random discussions about the history and so on... Needless to say, I am very serious about my collection being infected with the sickness.. Smiths are starting to get expensive, although I feel today as an investment there is nothing better in the gun world. No way I do it (as an investment) but it is not a dumb move if we buy smart and go with our heart.. I don't like talking numbers but I just bought a 19-2 3" 99.5% for a few thousand complete at about the same cost as a 4 digit Python would cost me today 98% no box. The 19-2 is more unique and I am privileged to have it. In comparison to an early 50's Pythons (I have four) the 19-2 has elevated my collection to a new status.
The reason I explain this is while picking up today a Pre 29 and the 19 at the local gun shop shipped in from a very special dealer there was this strange little revolver in what looked like a 50's flat blued finish. The poor thing was perfect no box and very dirty.. Here I am the envy of the gun shop with these two ferraris cleaning the poor little neglected SW. So for $500 I save this gun that is a 98 plus Model 36-6 1 of 615!! 615!! Uncommon? No rare!!! For the ones out there that think it is too late find great guns that are fun to shoot and collectable rare and uncommon think again.. I am here to tell you they are out there... If I can find a 36-6 in California you can too.. Sitting in gun jail releasing 7/19. .I will shoot a picture when it releases from cellblock 38....

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