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Originally Posted by MrTrolleyguy View Post
I have one also. That leaves 612. With box and papers. Still haven't shoot it.

Big1911 you got a good price on your 36-6. And I can understand how pleased you are with the 3" 19-2. I agree with you. I'd rather have the 19 than a Python. I think most on this forum would make the same choice as you.

Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
Thanks Trolly,

To be honest, I am a fan of both the 19 and some Pythons. I think the 50's era Pythons are great fun to shoot and very attractive.. I have friend here in So Cal locally that owns Python SN number 21. I wont go into the story how he found it but it is great.. Now that one is really special.. We mutually believe it is actually a prototype since the finish has some interesting and unique differences for example an unfinished muzzle... The 19-2 3" has that similar uniqueness and I am very lucky and privileged to have it.. All I can say is thank you to the seller.. Happy 4th.. L

BTW if you get a chance add a picture since mine is in "Jail"... Goblin wants to see one!!

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