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Back in the late 70s just for the heck of it I decided to try it.

I had a 29 4'' nickel and a concealable safariland belt holster and for about a month I carried it on a heavy duty gun belt.

My normal carry gun then was a 60 and let me say there is more than a slight difference in size between those two guns.

Now Iím a big guy 5' 11'' weight at that time about 230 and I found it just to be too big and heavy/ clumsy for a comfortable carry piece.

It was loaded at that time with sort of heavy 44 special loads and I have no doubt it would do the job if a SHTF situation occurred.

After that one month I only carried that iron out hunting and many times it would sit concealed in a shoulder rig under my hunting coat. Carried it that way as it was well protected and not in the way when going through typical NYS mountainous areas. It was definitely more comfortable in the shoulder holster.
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