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I have owned a nazi marked PPK that was one of the slickest little pistols I ever traded off, I remember thinking what a great deal I got when guy offered me a WWI 1911 with the Property of US Government still stamped on it.
I bought a new stainless S&W .380 PPK when they first hit the market, never had any problems with it and was again amazed at what slick operating little pistols they are, a little on the heavy side but that is what contributes to their accuracy. When I got the recall notice I sent it in and got it back within about three weeks, again after a couple of boxes of ammunition never a hiccup. I thought it was a major design flaw on Smith's part to do away with the complete steel grip, mine is cutout at the back and makes it difficult to fit a decent set of after market grips, other than that I no complaints whatsoever. I feel very confident using it for a concealed carry handgun when I need something quite small.
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