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Well, since this thread is back in business...

Seems strange for recoil sensitive guy like like me to have big caliber rifles but I do have a couple. Mostly I do not enjoy shooting them. I never said that I made sense.

Had a 460 Jeffrey built on a Remington Model 30 action 30 years ago. A couple years back the same smith built a companion rifle on another M30 in 300 H&H. The cool factor on matching rifles is off the chart.

Stylish...brutal recoil.

Not a Magnum but in this lightweight carbine it rattles the teeth. With 250 grain 45 Colt slugs loaded to 1200 FPS a fun plinker.

Much heavier than the Trapdoor so recoil is tamed a bit, but still delivers a stout kick. This is maybe the most accurate rifle I own. Cuts cloverleaf groups at 50 yards.

Are we including 375s? If so I have a BRNO 602.

And a 375 double.

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