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Originally Posted by tomthacker View Post
I found a CST on an internet ad a couple weeks ago. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading many articles on them. But, this one was the most interesting, and I used this thread as a guide, to buy it. The seller thought it was a Model 50 and there were 1100 made. After buying, I told him what I found out in this thread. So, I would like to thank the experts on this forum for educating me on the CST!
It is serial number 57740 and I believe it to be one of the first 114 made in 1955. Please correct me if I am wrong. The condition is very nice for it's age, but not perfect. The numbers on the frame, grips, barrel, and cylinder all match. I will post pics in a few days for viewing.
Thanks for the education!
Tom, yes, you have one of the first run of the Chief's Special Targets. Most of them have some wear on them. As long as you paid a fair price for the condition it is in, you're good. Nice find. Congrats.
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