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For a blowback pistol of the Walther type, I don't think a man can do any better than one of the unissued Bulgarian Makarovs that are on the market now that are available for less than $300 and that are essentially brand new military issued sidearms:

I have bought THREE of them in the past several months and have put 3000 round through one gun with 0 failures of any kind. If you do some research on Makarovs you will find almost no one that's had a problem with them. They are as simple as a pistol can get and are dead nuts reliable, built like tanks. The 9x18mm round is cheap and available and there are some really good, potent defensive JHP loads available for them. Better ballistically than any .380 ACP. You can also get aftermarket grips to replace the red bakelite military grips if that's your thing. Yes they're communist, but that means they didn't have to be made to a certain price point and are made of old fashioned blued steel with no MIM junk or internal locks or any of that garbage.

They rock, and keep on rocking till the cows come home!!

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