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Originally Posted by wantmoresmiths View Post
I have owned several Pythons over the years and will tell you that their reputation as a smooth and accurate gun is well deserved. The analogy of the Python being like a fine automobile which requires much more maintenance than your average Chevy or Ford is also very true. I have never owned a 686, but have owned a 4" model 27, and a 5" model 627PC, in addition to several other very fine S&W revolvers. Coming from a die hard Python lover, it is hard for me to say, but due to the scarcity/unavailability of Python parts, and the decreasing number of truly qualified gunsmiths who can maintain a Python, I would first suggest the 686. Actually, I would suggest the 627PC as my go to .357, then the 686.
wantmoresmiths pretty well sums up my feelings as well. That said, I have owned several Pythons over the years and wish I still had them.
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