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Originally Posted by muddocktor View Post
So in my book, the more proper comparison would be Python to Model 27 and the Trooper would be more properly compared to the 686 or 586, since both are the less fancy lines from the 2 manufacturers. Now size-wise I will agree that the Python and the 686/586 compare very closely.
Hey, I was wrong - the Trooper wiki page says it was manufactured from 1953 to 1985 (not 1969), so, assuming that end date is correct, there were about five years of overlap with the 686. I'm sure buyers would have been comparing all four .357s we've been discussing, plus the Highway Patrolman and possibly the Combat magnum.

I will be comparing my 1955 .357 magnum and 686 to a 1970 Python, 1954 Colt 3-5-7 and a 1958 Highway Patrolman. I don't have access to a Combat Magnum.
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