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Originally Posted by muddocktor View Post
That sounds great runscott. I do look forward to your thoughts on the various guns and how you think they compare.

I've never handled a Trooper, but my younger brother has a 2" barreled Lawman Mk III and I think the Lawman and the Trooper share the same internals. His Lawman is a hoot to shoot but a bit of a handful with full power 158 grain 357 Mags loaded up. I wouldn't mind one of those instead of a J frame; 1 more round.
I'm not a Colt guy so I haven't looked into anything other than the 3-5-7, Python and SAA, and all from a historical perspective so that I can better understand S&W revolvers, which is my real interest. Also, I only have one example of each - if I get a 'less-than-spectacular' example of one, or a 'super-spectacular' example of another, the test is really invalid. And I will have no idea if any example I shoot is living up to the model's true potential. But I can't wait to get after it!

The tests that really count are from the guys who have shot a lot of rounds out of both the 686 and the Python. The fact that there is disagreement among such people as to performance, given that we know they are mechanically different in function, means that we'll never have a definitive answer - it's always a matter of personal preference.
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