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Originally Posted by runscott View Post
You're right - the Lawman is a lesser-grade Trooper. I did a little bit more research to make sure my dates lined up. This is all old news to most of you, but to keep things in perspective:

1935 - S&W registered .357 magnum (continued as 27)
1954 - S&W introduced the Highway Patrolman, removing features from the .357 (continued as 28)
1954 - Colt had started the 'Trooper' line of .38 special and .22 in 1953. In 1954 they introduced the 3-5-7 to that line, to compete with the Highway Patrolman. The Colt 3-5-7 was built on a smaller frame (same as the following year's Python) than the .357 magnum & Highway Patrolman.
1955 - 1st Python. It seems to me like Colt decided to address both ends of the .357 market with the 3-5-7 in 1954 and the Python to compete with the higher-end S&W .357
1955 - Ruger Blackhawk (traditional Cowboy design, unlike S&W and Colt models)
1957 - S&W Combat Magnum (19)
1981 - 686
1982 - Colt MK V ('V' frame - smaller than the Python & MK III, replacing the Trooper which hung on until 1983)

edited to add that the Colt 3-5-7 was built on a smaller frame than the .357 magnum & Highway Patrolman

One option you missed; Colt offered their large frame New Service Revolver in .357 magnum...... my Dad got one in 1938/39 and sent it off to Kings for adjustable sights and an action job...... all told, with shipping both ways, it was still $5-10 cheaper then a RM which was selling for $60-65.
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