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This thread has been a welcome diversion from the famous 686 vs GP100 discussion. First off, I am over 70 years old and have lusted for a Python for many many years, but have never owned one, but I have owned numerous 586, 686, and yes GP100 revolvers. I guess the reason that I never bought the Python is that I knew that it would not be a shooter, but rather a safe queen that would lay there to be looked at occasionally and I just couldn't bring myself to pay the price for that purpose.

Truthfully, I have handled several Pythons, and I just don't think that the action and feel of the revolver compares to that of a pre-lock K or L frame Smith & Wesson, especially when equipped with target trigger and hammer. I also have enormous respect for the Ruger GP100 with the easily interchangeable front sights and trigger group that even the average shooter can do spring changes etc. and have a very nice shooting indestructible 357 magnum revolver.

I will continue to enjoy the comments on this subject.
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