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Originally Posted by wproct View Post
This thread has been a welcome diversion from the famous 686 vs GP100 discussion.

..... I just don't think that the action and feel of the revolver compares to that of a pre-lock K or L frame Smith & Wesson, especially when equipped with target trigger and hammer. .
what a great opportunity to ask the following question.
being a lifelong buyer & user of bottom feeders (beretta 92's & PX4's & misc M&P) , i have not been interested in wheelguns until a year or so ago.
My firsts was a 642, which i still have but its not "fun" to shoot.
Back in the summer of 2018 I bought a 686+.

Yes, my life has changed. This gun is cool, it is fun , it is spot on accurate , it is "purty" , its is ...well ya have to own one to know....
so the question, mine (sku 164194) obviously has a lock.

what is so unbelievably cool about the old school pre-lock 686's?
I really do not see on how to improve upon what I own right now...
I gotta know guys!

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