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Originally Posted by RKmesa View Post
Not a 686 or a Python, but the best of both the Smith and Colt worlds... a Smolt Highway Papython

A fun combo.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the combination that Sweeney described in 'The Gun Digest Book of Smith & Wesson' that he felt led to S&W creating the 586/686. Beautiful gun!

Since I revived this 'Necro' thread, I feel like I should at least post my thoughts now that I have in hand all revolvers related to the topic that I am likely to possess in the near future: 1955 s&w .357, 1958 Highway Patrolman, 1970 Python, 1954 Colt 3-5-7 and a 686-6+. I wanted to also get a Ruger and a Model 19, but funds are depleted.

I can't speak to long-term funtionality of any of these revolvers, and even if I can someday, I only have one example of each to compare, so still not a valid test compared to what many of you can conduct; however, here are my thoughts:

To me the 1955 s&w and the Python actually are the closest comparison, as opposed to the Python & 686 - both have incredible workmanship and blueing. I would give the nod to the s&w on blueing and design - I just prefer the larger frame and the larger cylinder. The N-frame is more comfortable to shoot for me, personally, but I love both guns. It's obvious that each is the best that their respective companies had to offer.

Everyone here knows the Highway Patrolman is a less-expensive version of the .357, so, as expected, they handle the same. I really love the 2-toned blueing on the HP, but it doesn't compare to the S&W .357, which is just a work of art. I want more early S&W .357s. Richard's photos are encouraging that need.

The Colt 3-5-7 also has the two-toned blueing - same quality as the Highway Patrolman. I like the HP better - mine needs some work on the action (I think it sat in a closet for 50 years), but it still feels fantastic and I'm accurate with it. The 4" Colt 3-5-7 has a really amazing trigger job, but just doesn't feel quite as good in my hands as the HP. I prefer the larger N-frame.

I bought my 686+ first, and I loved it. Now that I have the four older revolvers, I find that each feels better to hold, each is easier to shoot and I like the workmanship on each better as well. It's probable that the SS is throwing me off, as well as grips that are too small and the gun just hasn't had enough rounds put through it.
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