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Yet another resurrection-

I bought a nickel 3" Rossi Model 68 in about 2004 when we moved out of town on some property. I wanted it to stick in my pocket when I was working around the place. For years it bounced around under the seat of my pickup until I pulled it out and stashed it on a shelf in my shop.

It's always been a decently accurate revolver, but I hadn't shot it in years until a few days ago when the wife and I decided to shoot some of our .38's. I grabbed the Rossi. We shot at our 25 yd. steel silhouette and the little Rossi shot really nice little groups with handloads and my wife fell in love with it.

We had fired all but two rounds and I told the wife I wanted to see if I could hit the 16" steel gong hanging from my 100 yd. target stand. I shoot at it pretty regularly with my Model 10's, so know roughly the amount of holdover.

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