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Speer had a 250gr .452 DEEP CURL JHP (some said identical to their Gold Dot?) that was supposedly a good hunting bullet, with load data for 45 Colt using ACCURATE #5.

ACCURATE also lists load data using #5 for 45 acp using 2 different plated 250gr bullets. The velocities listed are really pretty close.

I've loaded this bullet for both calibers (45 Colt & 45 AutoRim) and am informed Starline Brass in 45 AutoRim is as robust as their 45 Colt product, along the lines of their 44 Magnum product. So...

If the bullet expands per the Speer factory data @ "" velocities out of a 45 Colt case it ought to do the same at "x" velocities out of a 45 AutoRim case. I would think...?

I am waiting to hear back from Speer as to the velocity needed for this bullet to reliably expand. Load data for 45 AutoRim would just be icing on the cake...

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