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Originally Posted by scott1970 View Post
It turns out the San Francisco 58 was the most difficult to find gun I've ever chased. I still can't believe I finally acquired one.

It didn't take long at all before I decided to start the chase for a San Antonio 58. Hopefully it won't take as long to find as the other one, but eventually I'll have both.

A very close friend bought an SAPD 58 a few months ago after chatting with a stranger at a gun store. They're out there, but I'm confident I won't blindly fall into one like that.
SCSW mentions that "many of these revolvers were shipped to PD's in San Francisco, Texas, and New York", but does not mention specific numbers. Do you know how many were sent to those respective departments? Are they marked with SAPD, SFPD, etc., and what years are these guns?

Mine's just a plain ol' M58 from 1967.
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