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Originally Posted by RETDOE View Post
At the risk of expulsion from the club I decided to post a picture of a modifications I had done to my 58 (and to keep the thread going). I had a gold bead inserted in the front sight and had the rear sight notch widened. After taking a class with the 58 and struggling with aging eyes I started thinking of ways to make her a better combat gun without breaking the bank or changing the basic gun. Even though it is a first year production gun I figured it is MY GUN and I can do what I want with it. So these are the things I have done to her;

S&W Combats
Narrow smooth trigger
Gold bead inserted into stock front sight
Widened rear sight notch

That gold bead looks great. I like that. Maybe when I get some more years on me, I'll consider something similar. An Ameriglo Bold orange embedded in that front sight would work wonders.
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