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Default Alternate caliber for model 58

Originally Posted by Sebago Son View Post

I think that had S&W chambered the 58 in an array of cartridges it would have survived another 25 years in the catalog and may still be with us today in some form or another.

My personal preference for a Police Revolver would have been for a .45 ACP version of the Model 58.
I always liked the upsized model 10 style of the 58. I had seen and handled a few new ones. I liked the way it pointed and handled. But at the time my growing collection already had a model 27 , a model 29 and a Super Blackhawk. I knew that a .41 would be a reloaders proposition and I just didínt want to add another caliber.

I was already reloading .45 ACP for my 1917. If the 58 had been offered in .45 ACP I would have bought at least one and would still
be shooting them today with either ACP or Auto Rim cases. It also would have found a good following 44 Special.

The 58 is one of those guns that I would buy if one comes my way. I would no longer mind adding another caliber to my reloading line up.
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