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Originally Posted by rbrbrb6 View Post
I feel like that Britney Spears song "Oops I did it again". I found another model 58 and couldn't leave well enough alone so off it went to Alan Harton along with a model 28 cylinder, a rebored model 520 barrel, a set of Bowens Combat sights and a set of Roy Fishpaw N frame combat grips that he built for someone else's gun in 1997.
for some reason.
Hard to tell it's not a M520. I love that tapered barrel with the extractor shroud, S&W should have done it on all the fixed sight revolvers back in the day. The front sight also looks better than the simple blade like the M58 has. Curious why you didn't leave the .41M cylinder on it, but the package is nice; I assume you reload, otherwise the .41Spl would go hungry. I've yet to buy Starline's .41 Spl brass for lighter loads, I just drop my magnums to around 1200 fps and all is good.

I wonder how many M520's have been sacrificed in the name of customization. Makes me feel warm to know my ANIB example is now one of less than 3000 that haven't been touched. I looked long enough to find it.
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