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Old 02-23-2018, 09:24 PM
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We Stand with The NRA We Stand with The NRA We Stand with The NRA We Stand with The NRA We Stand with The NRA  
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Default We Stand with The NRA

This board is Pro NRA.

That is written into our Sticky: Terms of Service:

We support The National Rifle Association. We believe The NRA is the biggest and best dog in the fight to protect gun rights and the Second Amendment. You may not believe that, but this board is not your platform for NRA bashing.
In plain terms: NRA bashing is NOT allowed. Take it somewhere else.
Thatís pretty plain.

Just as-
I do not have to provide a platform for ISIS to tell us how evil America is, and
I do not have to provide a platform for anti-gunners to tell us how evil guns are, and
I do not have to provide a platform for political parties to campaign and espouse their views,
I do not have to provide a platform for bashing the NRA, or even retarding the growth of the NRA.

Iím not telling you canít belong to Gun Owners of America or the Second Amendment Foundation.
Go for it, but don't come here and tell people to forget the NRA and join those organizations.

I provide a platform for two purposes:
Discussion of all things S&W.
Protection of the 2nd Amendment. The NRA is the toughest opponent of the anti gunners.

Obviously, the NRA is losing financial support as various companies disassociate themselves from the NRA.
That will hurt in the coming months, and in the ongoing fight to preserve the 2nd.
I believe we will be facing more encroachments on the 2A, and it takes money to fight that.

We try to help grow membership and we encourage financial support for them.
So, no, I will not be providing a platform for slowing the growth of the NRA.

I have chosen my side, and I'm playing to win. When the fight is over and the smoke clears, we can work toward improving the NRA. That is, if we still have a 2A and there is any need for an NRA.
Now is not the time for NRA members and gun owners to bicker among themselves. The antis will love seeing that. They know a house divided will not stand.
Now is the time to support the NRA, and hope and pray we can preserve the 2A.

If that offends anyone's idea of the 1st Amendment and Freedom of Speech, I'll say again what I said years ago here-

A Note on Freedom of Speech
which says:

Originally Posted by handejector View Post
We hear a lot about "MY Freedom of Speech can't be restricted!!!"

Some people seem to be unaware that Freedom of Speech is limited in many ways, every day.
If you are not aware of that, you can test it by walking into any courtroom tomorrow when court is in session and start giving a speech. Ignore the silly judge telling you to be quiet.
Try giving a speech from the balcony in the Senate chamber of your State capital while they are in session. Tell the Security types that you have Freedom of Speech.
Those buildings are owned by Ďthe peopleí, arenít they?
So, how can they limit your Freedom of Speech?

You can also try it on private property.
Jump onto a table in a restaurant and speak or preach away.
Enter a private clinic and tell them youíll be speaking all day about your views on morality and religion.
Ask local churches if they plan on giving equal time to speakers for a totally different religion, or worshipers of Satan, or Wicca.

Since you believe in Freedom of Speech, do you adhere to the principle in your own home?
Do you allow anyone who rings your doorbell in to speak about political parties or ideologies or religions different from your own beliefs?
If not, are you violating THEIR freedom of speech?

You may be getting it by now-
This board is privately owned property that is made available for free public use within our Rules, Terms of Service (TOS), and guidelines.
Everyone who registers here has agreed to be bound by all of those.
That means we have the right to forbid, limit, or restrict certain topics, crude language as defined by us, and types of behavior.

You have the right not to post here if you disagree with those Rules, TOS, or guidelines.
You have the right to be somewhere else.
We have no desire to limit your freedom of speech otherwise.
Pick any street corner and have at it.
Rent a billboard.
Start your own forum.
Rent radio time.

If any of the above will not work for you, I bid you Godspeed.


Lee Jarrett
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