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Time to revive the thread...

I found my July, 1977 issue of SHOOTIMG TIMES magazine. On the cover is the Interarms Virginian Dragoon, a Blackhawk-looking single action reviewed inside by Skeeter Skelton. In his "Hipshots" column, Skeeter announces that Colt was going to reintroduce the Single Action Army and New Frontier in .44 Special.

Inside is an article titled "Whatever Happened To The .22 Jet Revolver?" written by Dick "I-Never-Met-A-Gun-I-Didn't-Like" Metcalf. He reviews the history of the Jet and the Model 53 including the problems some had with extraction of fired rounds.

Metcalf had gotten his hands on an unfired M-53 with an 8-3/8 inch barrel. He did accuracy tests with the Jet and factory ammo, and compared them to results he got from shooting .22 LR ammo in the auxillary cylinder, the inserts, a M-17, .22 WMR ammo in a M-48, and then .22 LR ammo in an auxillary cylinder fitted to the M-48.

Metcalf then talks about handloading for the Jet and lists his results in a chart. His listed loads are his maximums:

.223 Speer 40 gr. spirepoint bullet:

8.5 gr.Blue Dot, 1992 fps, 1.02" groups.
10.2 gr. IMR-4227, 1868 fps, 1.29" groups.

.222 Hornaday 40 gr. Jet bullet:

9.4 gr. AL8, 2007 fps, 1.13" groups.
8.5 gr. Blue Dot, 1985 fps, 1.16" groups.

.223 Sierra 45 gr. Hornet bullet:

10.2 gr. IMR-4227, 1854 fps, 1.63" groups.

.222 gr. Remington 40 gr. softnose Jet bullet:

8.5 gr. Blue Dot, 1972 fps, 1.37" groups.
Remington factory Jet load:

1988 fps, 1.23" group in 8-3/8" M-53.
1844 fps, 6" M-53.
1607 fps, 4" M-53.
2597 fps, 10" T/C Contender.

His accuracy measurements "represent average of 10 five-shot strings fired at a 50-yard target from a machine rest."

Well, there you go. IMR-4227 and Blue Dot are still available, but it's been years, mebbe decades since I have seen any AlCan powders on a gunshop shelf.
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