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Originally posted by M29since14: Presume here you are speaking of your local supplier and not Hornady Manufacturing?
Yep. It's a placed called "Joe's" but about a year ago they changed their name from "GI Joe's" which is what they had been for many years. A batch of San Francisco investors acquired them just about that time. They started out as a 'Surplus and Gun Store' type outfit but the last year or so they have become less of a sporting goods and more of a 'Sports' as in the Yuppie type Junk store. They were over half shooting and fishing stuff ten Years ago now you can spend a hour looking for a set of insoles among the high priced tennis shoes!!!

Their selection of bullets is down to maybe a section of shelving about 6 feet long with only about 10 or 12 feet of space for their entire ammo section. They don't have much in the way of guns either. This is the place that My Bride has to explain to the Department Head what a boattailed bullet was!!!
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