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Originally posted by Pepper:
Thanks SmithNut!! I have my 3rd set on order with Craig now and I never knew.
If you want Craig to install them, consider this - his normal speed loader cut is very agressive, extending fairly far down on the left grip panel, leaving very little room for a medallian since the blind screw escutcean (sp?) is just below the speed loader cut. I have him use a different speed loader cut, we call it the 1958 cut (patterned after a set of S&W Targets from a 1958 gun of mine), this cut is a bit less agressive, doesn't extend down quite as far, leaving more room for the medallian.
Look at my grips, hopefully there are some examples of the left grip panel to see, and decide what you want. If you go with his normal style speed loader cut, he will install the medallians lower on the left grip panel, it will not be symetrical with the right.
Something to consider.
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