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Accessories/Misc - For Sale or Trade Accessories or Whatever besides guns

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READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! !  
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Arrow READ the RULES ! ! !


Use of the classifieds is a service for the membership- primarily for personal sales and purchase.

Anyone buying here for RESALE is required to WAIT 24 hours after an ad is posted before buying.

"Anyone" means anyone whether you are an FFL dealer, GunBroker (internet) seller, Flipper, or gun show trader.
Having or NOT having an FFL is NOT the issue!
Are you buying the item to resell it?
If so, WAIT 24 hours.
We are very serious about this.
Any attempt to skirt this policy by using PMs, multiple IDs, or puppet buyers will result in permanent bans for the offenders.

We now REQUIRE that an “I’ll Take It” be posted by the buyer in the ad, if the item sells within the first 24 hours.
The seller must require that
I’ll Take It” be posted in the ad, if it sells within the first 24 hours.
The buyer should follow it with a PM or email in a timely manner.
Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in a one point infraction titled "Unidentified Sale". The point will remain active for one year.

Establish CLEAR TERMS in advance, like any INSPECTION PERIOD and Right to Return.
If you reserve the right to NOT deal with some members, SAY SO.
This is not complicated- simply state ALL your terms and requirements clearly in the ad.
COMPLETE Terms, ACCURATE descriptions, FULL disclosure, and GOOD pics make life simpler for everyone!
We Recommend that you list your STATE, either in your ad or your Profile data to appear on screen. It matters a lot on shipping and local laws.

We strongly advocate adherence to ALL firearms laws at ALL levels- Federal, State, and Local.
Do not post an illegal item or suggest any transaction that violates any law.

Dealers and ongoing commercial ventures who buy and sell here are required to donate at the Silver level or above to help support this forum. Click "Donations" in the top blue navigation bar.
If your ads run more than 30 days per year, you are an Ongoing Commercial Venture.
If you sell guns or accessories often here, either by posting your own ads or by answering the WTB ads, you should donate at the Silver level or above.
YOU know if you are "working it" here, and so do we.

aveat emptor. That means: “may the buyer beware”. The S&W Forum, the owners, and the staff are not responsible for nor guarantors of any ad presented here.

Pics can be uploaded by anyone as attachments. See Attachments and Images.
Full size pics can be posted using a hosting site or your albums here on the forum if you are a donating member.
See: Sticky: Video Tutorials on Posting Pictures

We request that you leave your ad, including sale prices, intact when items are sold.
Leaving your sale price will allow folks to search/research what similar items are selling for.

We Reserve the right to delete any ad, at any time, for any reason.


1. All General Posting Rules apply.
See them here-
Rules & Information

2. ONE ad at a time per section of the Classifieds.
Multiple ads may be deleted without notice beyond a Reminder or Infraction.
Allowing front page space for everyone is the idea.
The classifieds are divided into three sections: Guns, Accessories, and Wanted To Buy. You may offer as many items for sale or trade as you wish- in one ad in the respective section. Put your ad in the RIGHT CATEGORY. Accessories may be listed in an ad with a gun if you prefer to have only one ad running for simplicity.
To find your ads- click Search\/ in the top blue Navigation bar.
At the bottom of the menu you will see My Threads and My Posts.

When your item is no longer available, please add SOLD, TRADED, or WITHDRAWN to the beginning of the title. Edit the title by clicking "Edit" in the original ad post. You may need to click "Go Advanced" at the bottom right, depending on which Message Editor Interface you selected in the User CP.
DO NOT post SOLD or WITHDRAWN in a new reply.
As soon as you edit the title, the thread is considered to be closed and you are free to immediately start a new ad thread. Forum staff will lock your old ad once they see SOLD, TRADED, or WITHDRAWN in the title.
If we notice a commitment to buy posted in your ad, we will lock it, and you do not have to mark it SOLD.
If the transaction falls through, report the ad by clicking in the upper right corner of the ad and we'll reopen it for you.

3. You MUST set your profile options to accept either private messages or email from other forum members or your thread will be deleted without notification.

4. All "For Sale" items must have a price attached.
We do not allow "make offer" ads. You may put "Or Best Offer" or OBO after the price, meaning that you will take LESS than your asking price.
If you are honestly trying to trade, we recommend, but do NOT require, that you list a relative VALUE for your item.

5. If your item sells on other forums or websites, please edit your ad PROMPTLY.
Mark it sold in the TITLE of your ad.
State "Sold on another forum" or "Sold on my website" or something similar in the ad text to show where it was sold.
DO NOT post "SOLD" in a new reply.
Failure to comply with the above requirements will result in a one point infraction titled "Unidentified Sale" if your item sells within the first 24 hours. The point will remain active for one year.

6. No Links to current or upcoming auctions or promotion of current or upcoming auctions or discussion of current or upcoming auctions, even in vague and general terms, or GunsAmerica ads or other website ads should be posted without permission.
Do NOT post a link to an ad you have on another website.

7. We allow one BTT (Back To Top, aka "bump") per calendar day. Do not bump your ad on the first day.
Doing multiple BTT's in a single day may get your ad deleted.
Additional posts on your part like "pics sent" or "email responded to" are needless since you can send it via a PM.
Put SOLD or SPF or Withdrawn in the title of your thread, NOT in a new post. You can edit your first post to show WHO you sold it to- "SPF to Whoever". This avoids another bump.

8. If you sell an item, you can edit your ad to add other items and change the title while editing.
If you do not want to do so and wish to start a new ad, place "SOLD" or "WITHDRAWN" in your ad title.

9. NO extraneous posts!
The ONLY allowable posted reply to an ad is "I'll take it".
Ask questions, request additional photos and offer advice by PM or email, not in the ad thread.
If a sellers PM box is full, report the ad with the
at top right and the staff will notify them.
Do not comment in an ad.

Do NOT bump an ad that is not yours.
Place Feedback in the Feedback forum, NOT in the thread you dealt in.
DO NOT post "I'll take second".
If an item is sold before you hit it, LEAVE it ALONE. If the deal falls through, the seller can announce that.

If you suspect a problem with an ad, report it with the in the top right of the ad. Do not post your suspicions in the ad.
These extraneous posts bump an ad an unfair number of times, and deprive other ads of their turn at the top of the page.

10. Do not advertise or promote other internet forums without prior permission.
Do NOT post a link to your website unless you are at least a Silver level donor.
Do NOT post a link to a website that is not yours.

11. You agree to save HARMLESS the S&W Forum, its owners, and The Staff, for any injury or loss suffered as a result of any transaction occurring from these ads.

12. Violation of these rules, or the spirit of these rules can lead to loss of Classifieds access.

13. We reserve the right to modify The Rules at any time without notice.

14. By posting or participating in a thread here, you are AGREEING to these RULES and Terms.

Lee Jarrett

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READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! ! READ the RULES ! ! !  
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