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Default RULES

This board exists for communication about shooting, owning, collecting, studying, understanding, and enhancing all things pertaining to Smith & Wesson.
We have a 2nd Amendment forum for the discussion of gun right's issues, protection of such rights, and publication of news and data pertaining to gun rights.

We WON'T change the World here, nor will we be able to fix all the ills afflicting our society.
This forum is not here for the purpose of converting other posters to your ideals, beliefs, and opinions.


The following topics are BANNED on this Board:
Racial issues
Gay rights/homosexuality/Gender Topics
General LEO bashing
Political Discussion and Comment
Do NOT participate in discussion of banned topics.

2nd Amendment issues and causes can be discussed in the 2nd Amendment forum.

The following topics are restricted on this Board:
General NEWS links-
very rarely. If you need every news story about every subject every day, hit one or all of the news boards.
Reasonable news links about our military, first responders, or guns might be acceptable.
News concerning political gun issues is acceptable in the 2nd Amendment forum within the rules for the 2A Forum. Read them!
This forum does not function as the Internet Newsboard Index.
Bare Links starting threads without comment or discussion won't survive.
Don't post a bare link and say "You gotta see this!".
Tell us WHY we need to see it with at least a sentence or two. Provide enough comment to explain what the link is about.
I should know what it is about before I click it.

News links may be deleted at the sole discretion of the Staff. If your link is gone, it is gone- period.

Video Links- Keep them reasonable, in both content and number. I have NO desire to be the Internet Index for every gun vid on the net.
The dialogue in the video must be acceptable on this forum. Watch the profanity!
Bare Links starting threads without comment or discussion won't survive.
Don't post a bare link and say "You gotta see this!".
Tell us WHY we need to see it with at least a sentence or two. Provide enough comment to explain what the link is about. I should know what it is about before I click it.
Video links may be deleted at the sole discretion of the Staff. If your link is gone, it is gone- period.

Chain Emails- You know- those emails your buddy sends you. We ALL get them. Multiple times. Most are pure bunk. Don't post them.

1. We ask that you conduct yourselves as ladies and gentlemen. Civil Discourse and Courteous Behavior shall be the norm.
Do NOT post nudes here.
Do NOT post "girly" pics here or use them for avatars.
Obscene, vulgar, lewd, or ‘just plain crude’ language or images will not be tolerated. Images or Videos in the same vein or displaying such language will not be tolerated. If you cannot use it politely in mixed company or around YOUNGSTERS, please don’t use it here.
"Cre@t!ve sp&!!ing" of the words which the filter traps is forbidden.
Homophobia and gratuitous sexual references will NOT be tolerated.

2. Remember- opinions will differ. Get over it. State your opinion calmly, and allow others to state theirs. Discussion will be fine, but there is no need to take a thread into a verbal fistfight or shouting match.

3. Do NOT descend into personal attacks on a member.
Naiveté, or viewpoints different from yours are no reason to call a member an idiot or moron.
If a poster is obnoxious, report him and ignore him.
Do not feed trolls.
Learn to use the "IGNORE" feature for posters that ANNOY you. In your User CP, under Settings & Options, click Edit Ignore List.

4. Racial and Ethnic slurs, even in the vaguest of terms, will NOT be tolerated.

5. Do NOT even think about implying, wishing, or stating ANY kind of harm or misfortune should befall ANY elected government official.
If you want to talk to the Secret Service, just call them up and leave me out of the middle.

6. Derogatory, Flippant, or Crude names for any government official will NOT be tolerated.
Respect the OFFICE, if not the holder.

That means the President of the United States will be referred to as the President, or by the accepted usage of his last name or initials- 'Trump' or 'DJT'. Other government officials will be afforded the same courtesy.

7. Place your post in the correct forum for the topic. DO NOT post gun topics in The Lounge.
Our forums have been carefully categorized so that most Smith & Wesson items fit into one specific forum.
You can find the Main Menu by clicking Forum in the navigation bar at the top of every page. Read the forum subtitles to determine where your post fits. Any post that is deemed by the staff to be in the wrong forum will be moved to the correct location or deleted. If moved, there is usually a director link to the moved post that lasts a few hours.

Other brands of guns can be discussed in Firearms & Knives - Other Brands.

8. The S&W Forum is NOT responsible for the content of the posts. Any opinion expressed on this forum is that of the poster, and not necessarily the opinion of the owners or staff.

9. Do not advertise, promote, or attempt to generate traffic for other internet forums, or blogs, or websites, or YouTube channels, or similar sites without prior permission. This applies whether the site is yours or someone else's.
Do not try to circumvent this rule.

10. Copyrighted material and Fair Use:
We stand behind a copyright holder's rights to his copyrighted works. Having said that, we also believe in the “Fair Use” standard.
Here are guidelines for ensuring your posts fit into our standard for Fair Use.

The only reason to copy someone’s work here will be to present a discussion on that topic. To that end, keep the following in mind:

Never post more than 250 words from the work.
Try to limit it to a paragraph or two, or a few sentences.
Again, never more than 250 words.
Post enough to convey the subject you are trying to discuss.
Always include a link to the original source.
Always credit the original author, or artist.

When it comes to pictures or videos the same basic standards apply. (obviously there is no word limit on your comments)
You must provide a link to the original host of the video.
You must provide credit to the original copyright holder.

Permission Granted by Author:

If an author grants permission to repost an entire article, STATE that ABOVE the title of the article.
Use the author's own words.

11. NO Links to current or upcoming auctions or promotion of current or upcoming auctions or discussion of current or upcoming auctions, even in vague and general terms, or GunsAmerica ads, Guns International ads, or other internet listing sites should be posted without permission.
Do NOT participate in discussion of current auctions or ads.
Links to CLOSED auctions and ads are permitted.
Vendors, and ONLY Vendors, are allowed to promote their auctions in the Vendor Forum.
ADS selling or trading items on the public forum MUST be placed in the proper classified ad section.
Do NOT place ads in any other section of the public forum without prior permission.

12. Signatures are now limited to 30 characters and two lines.
The signature block is for just that- a signature. Signatures outside these limits or containing other data will probably be removed.
Website url addresses and email addresses are NOT allowed in signatures (.com, .net, .org, etc) without prior permission.
Do Not sneak forum, website, blog, business, or any other addresses into your signature or signature like lines that you attach to every post above the normal signature block.
Do Not put WTB or WTS or WTT ads in your signature.
Signatures are not to be used for political or other Banned Topics statements.
Signatures are not to be used to insult other members.

13. Photo albums which are viewable by the public are to contain ONLY gun or gun related or shooting related pics. Pics in public albums rotate across the front page, so keep them GUN related.
DO NOT put "Babes with Guns" or Girly pics in your albums- PERIOD.
Private albums are NOT allowed to contain any pic which is not suitable for posting in mixed company. Any objectionable pics can be deleted without notice.
Violation of the pic policy will lead to loss of album privileges and/or banishment.

14. We reserve the right to delete, remove, close, or edit the content of any post which violates The Rules, the Terms of Service, or the general standards of the board or is generally disruptive to the board without notice.

15. In using this forum, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless this forum, the owners, and its staff for any injury resulting from any exposure to this forum.

16. By participating here in any way, you are AGREEING to these Rules.


Lee Jarrett

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